Welcome to ESL 505.
Welcome to ESL 505. The course is a semester long communication course with focus on short reading & writing activities. The purpose of this course is to help you examine different forms of writing and apply them in your own writing. The course also covers speaking activities along the way to help you practice your oral skills, since speaking and writing often go hand in hand.

Presentation topics

Directions: Presentation topics will be posted each week. Please look at the presentation guideline under 'Major Assignments' for more details. In the presentations, you are responsible to give a mini review of the provided topic. You may choose something specific. You must also provide concrete examples to support your presentation. Each presentation should:

1.be  no longer than 5 minutes
2. have a powerpoint (with specific examples based on the topic presented)
3. Powerpoint must be emailed to me before class time to: luvjanny07@gmail.com
4. Practice, practice

Presentation topic 1- Thursday (09/15)
Choose one of the following and provide specific examples to clarify your presentation.

1. How to write effective thesis statements(e.g strategies, rules with examples)
2. How to give effective presentations (e.g.you may provide specific examples to analyze, if preferred)
3. How to write a good introduction (e.g.you may provide specific examples of good or poor examples)

Presentation topic 2- Thursday (09/22)

Choose one or two from the following*:
1. Previous work experience and or/work background. Focus on a specific theme of your choice, which can include, but is not limited to, a specific event, people you've worked with, what you liked/disliked about your work experience, ethics, your work responsibility, etc.
2. One personal aspect about yourself you would like to share( it can be related to work, hobbies etc).

*Make sure that the theme and format of your ppt presentation are focused and organized. Present the purpose (rationale) for why you decided to present the chosen topic (s). If you plan to present both topics, make sure that there is unity and coherency between the two. Remember, this is a presentation, not simply a random sharing time. Use transitions wisely, so that the presentation has a natural flow.

Presentation topic 3-Thursday (09/29)
Please email me your ppt before you present.
Choose one of the following:
1. As a student in the college of business, how do you maintain your social network? (It can be personal social networking or job related networking. Be specific with examples).
2. Present a few interesting facts about your culture (please be focused with specific examples. You can't talk about everything in 5 minutes)
3. As you experience different activities and meet new people in the college of business, what do you see as your greatest strength(s) and weakness(es)? (please be specific. And, if possible, consider how you will overcome your weakness(es)).

Presentation topic 3-Thursday (10/06)
We are going to write a memo on implementing a new formal dress code policy. Please take a look
at the memo assignment. To help your colleagues who have a hard time understanding the structure and basic components of the memo assignment, it is your job to give them a good review. Please refer to http://505fall.blogspot.com/2011/09/memo-workshop.html  and review the memo assignment handout and structure before planning your presentation!
Email me your ppt.
Remember, keep it focused with specific examples. 5min-6min
Choose one of the following:

1. Write an outline of what information could be included in the dress code policy memo assignment.
-a. you may divide the memo into different sections: a. introduction. b. body. c. conclusion and provide ideas that you would include in each section for the memo assignment OR
-b. you may be more specific and focus on one section(intro or body or conclusion) and provide ideas that -in your opinion- should be included if you were writing this memo.
2. Do's or Don'ts when writing the memo assignment.

Refer to the memo handout/structure handout to make sure that you are providing the correct format and info.

Presentation topic 4- Thursday (10/13)
Choose one of the following. Email your ppt.
1. Present the introduction part of your memo assignment, and provide the rationale (reasons) for how and why you came up with your introduction.  (This does not have to be a final draft)
2. Present the rational part of your memo assignment, and provide the rationale (reasons) for how and why you came up with your rationale.  (This does not have to be a final draft)

Presentation topic 5- Thursday (10/20)
Choose one of the following. Email your ppt.
1.Writing strategies or process I undertake when preparing for writing assignments, and how that is helpful. You may choose a specific writing assignment to focus on and present 2-3 strategies/process you take to prepare for your assignments. Please be specific.
2. You've seen a lot of Good and Bad (ppt) presentations from others in your class. Think back to presentation from the last 2 months.Based on your evaluation, what do you think are 2-3 criteria of a good (ppt) presentation and why? What were 2-3 characteristics of bad presentations? Be specific with your examples.

Presentation topic 6- Thursday (10/27-11/03)
Please email me your ppt.
1. Everyone has shopped for items at least once via Amazon. Look for a specific item you have bought or plan to buy through Amazon (www.amazon.com). In your presentation, include: a)first sentence summary with author, year, title, and one main idea sentence.  If it is a product that has no author or year, at least mention the product title with what the product does in one sentence.  b) Summarize product description in your own words between 70-100 words in paragraph form. c) Give us a very short review of the product: what was good, what was bad, what needed improvement and WHY? Rely on what other customer reviews have to say about the product to help you with the review.

Presentation topic 7-Thursday (11/10)
Please email me your ppt.
Choose one of the following:
1. Introduce something interesting about your home country. It may be related to the culture, geography, history, politics, etc. Please choose one theme and provide a few general examples to present  the theme. Remember, a focused topic with good/easy-to-follow examples is better than presenting all the details of your home country. This is only a 5 minute presentation and your colleagues only want to hear the most interesting points. Consider your audience as you prepare.

2. In your life, what challenging experience have you encountered and how did you overcome it?
Please answer: Where(it occurred)? What (happened)? Why (it happened) and How(did you overcome)?
Finally, explain what you learned from this experience. Avoid rambling on about the emotional aspect of the experience. Be specific and clear about the experience and what you learned from it. Consider your audience as you prepare.

Presentation topic 8-Thursday (11/17)
Email me your ppt.
Choose from the following:
1. In addition to the coursework, what activities do you do in your free time? Point out no more than 3 activities you enjoy most. Explain briefly what it is, when you do it, why you enjoy it. Please time yourself.
Be clear and concise with your wording and do not rely on your ppt to do all the presenting. We want to hear you talk.
2. As you write your summary critique paper and other reflection/journal papers, what was the most challenging aspect in doing these write-ups? Please be specific and point out no more than 3 aspects you would like to discuss. Then consider, why you think it was (or was not) challenging, and  ways you could overcome this challenge. If you didn't particularly find any challenge in these write-ups, what you think were your strengths(no more than 3).